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Climaxtradershub is a diversified financial services innovator on a mission to institutionalize digital assets and blockchain technology. 
experienced in the journey. We use AI-Powered Trading System that Analyses the Market better than a Human. We reinvented the global trading system that is more efficient, profitable, smart, and that has recorded a higher profit rate that completely disrupts the way, Cryptocurrency trading is done. We offer a unique opportunity to earn from 5% to 20% on a daily basis with the help of experts having extensive knowledge and skills in the field of cryptocurrency trading and investments using their high-performance technical base.
We’ve made it easier for investors that lack knowledge in understanding the market to still effortlessly get a piece of the 5.1 Trillion USD moved daily in the market.

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User Friendly Intreface

Our Website Is Easy To Navigate And Use Without Stress

More Surprises

We Give Out Airdrops And Promos Regularly.

Insured And Protected

We Don’t Charge Commission On Trades, Or Any Fees To Deposit Or Withdraw Your Coins. Insurance Held By Us And Our Custodial Partners Helps Protect Your Crypto Against Crime Like Hacks Or Theft. Our Partners Have Over $200M In Cold Storage Coverage Each.

Top-notch Security

We Use State-of-the-art Encryption To Keep Your Data And Money Safe.

Fully Automated

Automate Your Investments, And Get Expert Advice From Real Humans.

Registered Company

We Are A Registered Company And Verified. Our Records Speaks For Us

Frequently Asked Questions

We are the easiest and most secure way to trade thousands of federal Stocks and Cryptocurrencies. We are active global investors. In a complex world we think and act across traditional boundaries. We organize our teams globally by asset class, to bring the breadth and depth of our investment and research capabilities together for clients across the world.

You can contact our support through Live Chat, we are ready to answer any of your questions.

Your information is highly secured. You can read our privacy policy page to see how we manage your data.

Your account is highly secured as we have ultimate security system to protect your account.

You can deposit or withdraw your current balance at any point in time. Our system works 24hours.

We only accept US dollar, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

We process deposit and withdrawal request instantly.

1. Create account 2. Buy a plan to earn profit, 3. Refer user to earn bonus, 4. Weekly airdrop bonus (extra).

Kindly create account with us, deposit to your balance and purchase a plan.